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Colonial John James Tapestry Needle Size 20 (1258)


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Colonial John James Tapestry Needles


Tapestry needles are blunt tipped with a larger eye and thicker top than a sewing needle. These needles are great for any use where you are working with a woven fabric and want to avoid piercing the fabric itself (for example: aida cloth, canvas, plastic canvas) or the fiber from previous stitches. Typically used for cross stitch, needle point or sewing together knitted or crochet pieces or weaving in ends on knitted or crochet work. The larger eye allows pulling larger fiber or multiple strands through and the thicker top protects the fibers from damage as they are pulled through the material.

  • Highest quality hand needles.
  • Made in England.
  • Comes with six size 20 needles.
  • JJ19820

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