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Orvus Quilt Soap – 8 Ounce (1234)


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Orvus Quilt Soap – 8 Ounce

Orvus soap (also sometimes refered to as Orvus shampoo, Orvus paste or Orvus wa paste) generally comes in a 7.5 pound container, with a red label, but we have it for you here in a much more manageable amount. Orvus soap is sodium lauryl sulfate. It is completely biodegradable and does not contain phosphates. It allows water to better penetrate materials. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a “surfactant” – it removes stains and residues that are oily, so it’s found as an ingredient in lots of surface cleaners.  Basically it is a “wetting agent.” It allows water to better penetrate materials. 

Great for washing quilts and vintage needlework pieces. 

Always test first and use only a small amount this poduct is a concentrate so less is more. 

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