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Love on the Internet

Several years ago, my family lived in the sticks. Way out in the sticks. Our beautiful, custom-built home stood proudly on 48 acres of prime land. Home provided a peaceful solitude, an escape from the stressful rat race of the “big city” and high-pressure jobs.

But with great solitude, comes loneliness. Heavy sighs.

Enter the Internet.

To cope with the isolation, I started a blog. My blog introduced me to the world of kind, funny, intelligent people. This eventually took me to a terrific group of knitters in San Antonio. A 45-minute drive a few times a month was a small price to pay for the conversations and insights provided by those ladies and gentlemen, most of who are still close friends!

Eventually, my family relocated to San Antonio. When we purchased The Yarn Barn of San Antonio, we understood the duty and privilege of continuing not only the legacy of providing high quality goods and customer service, but providing a safe haven for fiber artists of all sorts, all skill levels. It is my honor to hostess a group of awesome people every Tuesday evening, 5PM-8PM. Bring your WIP or come empty handed, and just hang out! We look forward to meeting you there!

Don't forget to bring in your beautiful projects for show and tell.

We always love to see what you have been working on.

Stay connected with The Yarn Barn via Facebook, Instagram (TheYarnBarnofSA), Twitter, Ravelry, and of course our website.

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