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Comfort dolls.

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In light of the recent tragedy that affected so many in El Paso, we want to help our fellow stitchers meet the increase in demand for comfort dolls. I will collect and ship from the Yarn Barn if that is convenient for some of you otherwise the address where to send is listed below. Please read:

Comfort Toys for the Walmart Children of El Paso
Sending love and care to the people of El Paso through handcrafted toys.
The Yarn Addicts Crochet Guild of El Paso has been crocheting toys for their Police Comfort Toy Project for the last 18 months. Police give crocheted toys to El Paso children present at traumatic events involving the police, whether it be victim services or crisis team or officers in the field. The recent tragedy at Walmart has increased the need tremendously and it will be ongoing for some time. We need the help of our fellow crocheters to meet the need.

Toys should be crocheted of yarn, must be completely washable, including filling (polyester fiberfill or similar). The toys must be constructed so that the stuffing is not likely to spill out. Fiber content: any type of washable yarn is acceptable Construction: all fiber. No extra buttons, ribbons, beads, eyes (even safety eyes) or other extraneous parts are allowed. Do not add pipe cleaners for stability. JUST YARN and FIBERFILL. Hair and eyes and facial features should be crocheted or embroidered on and should not be loose.

The toys are distributed to children of all ages, and even determined toddlers can remove plastic parts. We want these to be cuddly...and safe! Size: Cuddle sized! Not too large, not too small... between 6 and 18 inches is best, but any size is acceptable. Toys should be stuffed unlike something like finger puppets.

Type of toy: Variety! We crochet all types of toys.. animals, dolls, aliens, etc. as long as they are not scary and are cuddly. There are many patterns for crochet toys on Ravelry and other pattern sites, both free and paid. You are welcome to use any pattern you wish, as long as your completed toy meets the guidelines above. This project has been special in that each child receives a toy that is handmade only. They are told the toys have been made especially for them. Yarn Addicts Crochet Guild of El Paso

Mailing and packaging:
Please send toys to: 1512 Monte Sanders Ln. El Paso, TEXAS 79935 Dr. Barbara J. Peters 

Please put information about the toys and the person or groups who made them packaged with the toy. Police put each toy in a plastic bag. Information can be provided with a toy placed in a plastic bag individually or information about the group can be placed in the package. No printed labels attached to toys themselves, please.
The need is great and time is of the essence. Groups or individuals helping us, please send toys ASAP, Toys can be sent individually or in batches. Donations can be made anonymously or names and addresses of the donor can be provided in the package. We and the police and children of El Paso are so grateful for your help. The police have told us these toys are not insignificant and are very much needed. Thank you. KNITTED TOYS THAT MEET THE ABOVE GUIDELINES ARE GLADLY AND GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED.

If you are looking for patterns to use there are great resources online 


Any knitted or crochet doll would be appropriate. I find the Izzy dolls to be a sweet and super easy to make. 

Here is a little background story. 

Izzy Doll

Bringing joy to thousand of children through the humanitarian Medical Kit 

Master Corporal Mark Isfeld, a field engineer, was serving on a peacekeeping mission with the 1 Combat Engineer Regiment near Kakma, Croatia. He was well known in Croatia because during his service he would distribute little dolls to the children designed and made by his mother Carol Isfeld. You may read the rest of the story here. In Memory of Mark Isfeld. 

For the Izzy Doll Pattern in knit and crochet. 

Esther Braithwaite has also taken the Izzy doll created other variations of the loveable doll. She can be found on Ravelry as well. 

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