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Caring for our community and your safety. What we are doing during the Covid-19 health crisis.

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Hello everyone, 

I hope that you all are doing well, staying, healthy, calm and safe. As we all know these are strange, but difficult times. I know that we all are doing our best to navigate through these uncharted waters. San Antonio is preparing for a Stay-at-home order. Although we’d like to think of our yarns as an essential part of our life. It is not however an essential business that will help the community get better during this health crisis. We want to do our very best to comply with the orders put in place by our city, this not only ensures the safety of our community, also myself, my family and of course you my customers. 

For the most part I work alone. When an order comes in I go to a storage facility where all our items are stored in appropriate containers and there is minimal traffic, remember it's just me, so this part isn't really a big deal. I package them, put a label on them and then drive them to the post office adding another level of exposure. 

On a personal note, I was gifted with multiple autoimmune diseases, placing me in the at risk category. We know now that the best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus.

Please understand that we are so grateful and thankful for your support and loyalty.

Until our state order is lifted we will not be able to complete your online orders, immediately. 

I will provide further details very soon.

With Love, 


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