After all it's only string. Be Nice

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Be nice to yourself especially. 

I have been teaching beginning knitting classes for about 2 years now. Hundreds of stitchers maybe. 

What I notice the most is how hard we are on ourselves. The things people say to themselves, I fall into that habit sometimes and then I take a moment and think to myself "it is only string." 

Those words and thoughts do not make the string more pliable or the needles more forgiving they only weigh our souls down. 

I wrote these words three years ago and they still resonate more so today than ever before. 

The more you repeat these negative thoughts the more real they become to your mind, and you begin to believe it. If we just took a moment to breathe and re focus, maybe even step away from the project. You just might surprise yourself. 

Be kind to yourself. 

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